We Rescue Dogs and Train them as Service Dogs and Companion Dogs. Let us Rescue the Perfect Dog for You!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which rescues and trains dogs for the public. We train service dogs for those with disabilities and companion dogs for individuals and families. We personally select each dog that enters our training program based on temperament and drives. Most of our service dogs are trained to be Diabetic Alert Dogs. Our companion dogs are selected to match the energy level and lifestyle of their new home.

If you are a person with a disability who could use the assistance of a service dog or an individual or family considering the addition of a canine family member….. we encourage you to consider a rescue dog. There are so many great dogs sitting in shelters it is alarming. Together we can help one.

Our Service Dog Program:

Each dog that enters our program is trained in obedience and scent discrimination. Once they have experienced this training, we evaluate the dog and further their training through other programs. We produce Diabetic Alert Dogs, Hearing Assistance Dogs, Narcotic Detection Dogs and Companion Dogs.

Meet Max: A Diabetic Alert Dog

Max is a 7 yr old Labrador Retriever rescue who has been working as a service dog for the last 7 years. Max was cross trained as a mobility / hearing dog when he came to us a few months ago. Since then we have trained Max to alert us to low blood glucose levels and narcotics.  
  • Status: Available
  • Training: Diabetic Alert / Adv. Public Access
  • Ideal Home: Active Retired Person or Couple
  • Notes: Max wants to be involved in every thing you do! He is a special dog that requires a special home.



A Diabetic Alert Dog is trained to pay attention to your scent and to alert you when your blood glucose level is out of range. These service dogs are most useful to those diabetics who are hypoglycemic unaware. We can provide fully trained dogs or started dogs to clients on the east coast or in the Midwest.

A Hearing Assistance Dog is trained to alert it’s partner to noises in the environment. These dogs alert to noises such as fire alarm, alarm clock, phone, doorbell ringing, someone knocking at the door, someone calling your name and others. We can provide dogs that work primarily at home and dogs that are fully public access trained.

Our Companion Dog Program:

Rescued, rehabilitated and trained companion dogs for families and individuals. We can also help you select a rescue dog that will fit in with you and your family. Call Us if you are thinking about a rescue, please!

Our companion dogs are trained for on and off lead obedience at a minimum. Some dogs have more training and specialized skills. All have been socialized with other animals and have house manners.

Meet Kona: A Family Companion Dog & Test

Kona was rescued at 18 months, part of a poodle breeding program that was shutting down. He had been confined to a kennel for his first 18 months and had no social skills or experience.Kona has come a long way. He now works as a demonstration dog and is very active in our service dog breeding program.
  • Status: Not Available
  • Training: On & Off Lead Obedience
  • Home: Demo Dog, Service Dog Breeding Program
  • Notes: Kona is a really fun dog to work with. Very intelligent and he will make you laugh every time! - Scott


Check with us if you are considering a rescue dog. We often have dogs available that are not listed on the website. Should we not have the right dog for you, we can help you find it.

Get off to the right start by selecting the right dog for you and your lifestyle.